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New Jersey Construction Management

New Jersey Construction Management

Torcon has a home and rich history in the great state of New Jersey. In 1965, Benedict Torcivia established Torcon in Westfield, New Jersey, and we remained headquartered there until 2006 when we moved to our current offices in Red Bank, NJ. Over the years, we’ve worked on countless New Jersey projects for clients in the healthcare, education, commercial, and science and technology industries.

Some of our most important early projects were with the Newark College of Engineering, now known as the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Not only did we complete many important projects for the school, such as the Wellness & Events Center and the Central King Building, but they were also a source of dozens of key company staff and executives.

As New Jersey became an attractive option for commercial office space, Torcon was frequently the Construction Manager of choice. Among the most noteworthy projects is the Gateway III and IV complex in Newark, marking the first new office buildings in the city for many years.
We’ve also had a longstanding relationship with The New Valley Hospital, which has included nearly 30 years of continuous upgrades, additions, and renovations.

We strive to support and improve the communities we serve, and it’s been an honor to contribute our services to our home state of New Jersey.

Take a tour of some of the projects we’ve completed and have underway in the great state of New Jersey