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An essential lesson of Ben Torcivia has not been lost on the current generation of Torcon managers: Surround yourself with the best and the brightest, and let them do what they do best.


An essential lesson of Ben Torcivia has not been lost on the current generation of Torcon managers: Surround yourself with the best and the brightest, and let them do what they do best.

Today, almost 30% of Torcon’s professional staff has been with the company for 20 years or more.

Almost half have worked for Torcon for the past ten years.

Our team includes 25 managers who are 30-year-plus member of our staff. Ours is a culture that provides challenging projects, a supportive environment and meaningful engagement.

Torcon recruits from the top engineering schools and has built a talented staff of engineers, superintendents and managers. They come here to learn, to work on exciting projects and to join a team that shares their passion for building. As a company with a decades-long reputation for performance on our clients’ most complex and important projects, Torcon is building on the foundation of its past with a focus on the future.

Benedict J. Torcivia, Jr.


On the Job: As Co-President, I am equally committed to Torcon’s clients and to our staff. We cannot be successful if the projects we manage for our clients are not successful. From my earliest days with the company, I understood my dad’s determination to surround himself with the best people and then give them the freedom to make a difference. We continue to manage this way. Every day I work to ensure Torcon is a great place to work and grow, and that we provide the best training, technology and tools to our staff.

Joseph A. Torcivia


On the Job: I am continually impressed by Torcon’s staff and their dedication to their clients. Our success as an organization is truly a testament to the power of teamwork and preparation, but also to individual leaders. Torcon’s history is filled with people who not only have talent, but who also establish the Torcon Way. There have not been a few of these inspirational leaders, but many. That’s how our core values have been revealed, because they’re genuine.

Steven Mauer

Senior Vice President

On the Job: I started my career with a large global builder and joined Torcon almost 35 years ago. The firm’s commitment to excellence and strong private leadership is why I’ve stayed. Our regional focus allows me to work hard and still have time to pursue interests in golf, skiing and maintaining my classic British cars.

Randy Cohen, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

On the Job: I’m always excited about going to work because I know I’m part of a great team. It’s a special feeling knowing Torcon is working on projects that will make a difference to their local communities and around the world. We are fortunate to have great people who have the experience to always meet new challenges. It’s extremely rewarding helping our clients complete their projects which are so important to their future success.

Off Site: I’m a sports enthusiast who roots for the New York professional sports teams. I love to play tennis, racquetball, or pickle ball to get a good workout.

Frank Fossella

Senior Vice President

On the Job: When I was hired by Torcon, I never dreamed I would still be working for the company more than 45 years later. The decision to spend my professional career here reflects ownership, the people who work here, and how I have been treated. I was given the opportunity to work in engineering, estimating, purchasing, field supervision, and project management. Today, I am a Senior Vice President for the organization. What is important to me and what I cherish most is that Torcon has helped me provide a great life for my family. Torcon is truly a place where anyone would want to spend their career.

Michael K. Armento

Senior Vice President

On the Job: 18 years ago, after spending my career with two other CM’s, I decided to join Torcon because of their culture. The importance placed on service to clients and support of employees was essential to me. The company certainly has not disappointed. We are a privately held firm with the financial stability and operational resources of most of our national competitors. I have 40 plus years of experience in Philadelphia, I’m currently the Chairman of the GBCAA, and I lead our local operations office. I am proud to be a part of an organization like Torcon, that has such a strong commitment to integrity and to our clients and staff.


Steven Schwarz

Senior Vice President - Preconstruction

On the Job: I am most proud of the strong sense of duty that Torcon applies to its staff. We take great care in hiring the best people to join our company. Our long term commitment is to provide every opportunity to grow within the organization and to each personal career goals. We are in the people business and rely on our staff to deliver for our clients everyday.

Off Site: I went to Lehigh on a soccer scholarship and my first job was with Sikorsky, designing things for helicopters. (I hold two patents). I also enjoy driving German sports cars.

Steven H. Kessler, P.E.

Vice President

On the Job: I have been given the opportunity to grow my professional career at Torcon beyond expectations. When I started in 1990, I was introduced to several experienced people who invested in my career and helped me develop the skills and confidence to take on new challenges and continual increases in responsibility. Now I have an obligation to invest in the future of the company by setting a positive example every day and mentoring those who I have the privilege of working with.

Eric Diddell, P.E.

Vice President - Purchasing

On the Job: I joined Torcon because the company truly impressed me. Founder Ben Torcivia, Sr and his team of professionals managed a company that was growing and becoming recognized leaders, in New Jersey and beyond. I stayed with Torcon for the past 40 years and found the next generations of Torcivia’s have continued to embody the founding principles and have propelled the company forward. We have undertaken extraordinary and challenging projects and have been universally successful. Torcon culture encourages me to grow as a professional and also recognizes me for my work ethic, creativity and the results I achieve. Challenges and opportunity are everything I could ask for.

George Kourides

Vice President - Special Projects

On the Job: As a business with a wide range of expertise, Torcon has much to offer for its clients. It’s also a great place to work and to build a career. After earning my BSCE degree and one year with a small developer/GC, I joined Torcon’s Estimating Department in 1983. I have worked on literally hundreds of projects ranging from hospitals and office buildings to pharmaceutical process facilities. I’ve managed the estimating and cost control effort on Torcon’s largest projects, including a recent pharmaceutical client’s $1.5B Campus Expansion, the $1B Terminal for American Airlines and the $650MM high containment lab at Fort Detrick.

Patricia McKluskey

Vice President - Human Resources

On the Job: I came to Torcon for a job and found my second family. That is why I am still here more than 30 years later. Wonderful people and great opportunities. A fantastic place to work each and every day.

Off Site: My hobby is knitting. I follow my grandmother’s example of always using your talent for good. I make hats every year and donate them where needed.

Kenneth Smith

Vice President - Marketing & Corporate Support

On the Job: Few things are more rewarding than a career you truly enjoy, working with people who inspire you, support you and elevate your performance. I’ve been with Torcon for more than 35 years and have worked with the legends who helped build the company. I recognize the same intellect, dedication and professionalism in our current staff and emerging leaders, and I’m excited about the company’s future. It’s a recurring theme, but Torcon really is a family built upon the principles of customer service, community and integrity.

Raymond Wallin, PE, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, LFA

Vice President - Estimating & Sustainability

On the Job: Torcon has provided me with many project opportunities and the freedom to build my skills and successes. Since joining the company more than 20 years ago, my personal and professional growth have been encouraged and supported. As a workplace, every voice is heard at Torcon and you are not just a number. Teamwork is the foundation of how we operate, and my team is more than simply co-workers, they are like my family.

Off Site: I have a passion for sustainability. At home my family has diverted more than double the average household rate of trash from the landfill through recycling, composting, using substitute materials and reuse.

Sam Arabia, CM-BIM, CQM-C

Vice President - Quality, Engineering & BIM

On the Job: What attracted me to this company when I began my career still draws me to work each day. Torcon allows me the opportunity to solve the hard challenges and the flexibility to succeed by defining the best solutions. The relationships I have developed over the years with my peers have formed a great support system during work hours and also on the golf course at the “after work walking 9” league.

Edward Stevenson, CCM, CHC, LEED AP BD+C, DBIA

Vice President - Healthcare

On the Job: I enjoy Torcon’s collaborative team approach to managing projects, including our staff and our clients. It truly embraces the core values & family culture of the company.

Off Site: I spend my free time ‘at the shore’ or on the golf course.

John DeBernardis

Vice President

On the Job: I joined the Torcon team over 28 years ago, primarily in an effort to get exposure to a diverse range of projects. I stayed because of the family culture and Torcon’s continuing pursuit of advancements in the industry. I have always felt I was treated as an important part of the organization and have been provided continued professional growth throughout my career.

Steven Franco


On the Job: I was hired on my birthday in 1980. After 40+ years with Torcon I can honestly say the relationships and experiences I’ve made here are ones I’ll cherish forever. Torcon is a 3rd generation family-owned business that I feel privileged to be a part of. I’m glad I went on my first and last job interview in 1980.

Off Site: Perhaps I look familiar? I was in a national TV commercial for Hyundai. I have four children, five grandchildren and my dog Ruby. Leisure time: golf, travel & Giants football. Also, I was controller of Torcon’s Puerto Rico office for ten years and was one of the first in the office to use the fax machine.

Michael Hennebery, CHST

Senior Director - Environmental Health & Safety

On the Job: As a career safety professional with Torcon, I can truly say that the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our operations is a core value of this organization. This has been demonstrated for nearly 30 years through our recognition by OSHA in their Voluntary Protection Program and our leadership’s commitment to our unmatched involvement in that partnership. Torcon’s drive to continuously enhance our safety & health culture has been a key motivator for me during my 25-years-plus with the company.

Off Site: I’ve worked at Torcon longer than I have been married (28 years); I ride my bikes a lot (single track and road); my family likes to camp (kids are losing interest, though); I’m a long-suffering NY Jets fan, and I’m one of those “insufferable beer snobs”.

Anthony Armento

Senior Preconstruction Director - Philadelphia

On the Job: What I value most about my career at Torcon is working for a company that truly cares about their clients and their employees. I am surrounded by colleagues who are dedicated to mastering their craft every day. The entire organization shares a commitment to integrity, protecting our clients and helping each other succeed.

John Aletta, P.E., LEED AP

Director of Healthcare Purchasing

On the Job: I have had the opportunity to be involved in a wide array of large and specialized projects over my 30+ year career with Torcon, as well as a few monumental ones. That makes it both challenging and enjoyable coming to work each day.


Anthony DeGennaro

Project Executive

On the Job: I started my career immediately after graduating with an engineering degree. During my 20+ years with Torcon, I’ve worked predominately on healthcare projects, but have also had unique challenges like performing arts theaters, a wind tunnel for testing motorcycles, and $100 MM retail mall renovation. I was also able to further my education by earning my Masters Degree in Construction Management from Stevens. Torcon has continually provided me with opportunities to succeed and grow. I enjoy the family atmosphere and look forward coming to work every day.

Ryan Dunn, LEED AP

Project Executive

On the Job: Torcon has provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented and dedicated professionals on unique, complex projects. The teamwork displayed is unparalleled and has allowed me to develop many close friendships and work in a family atmosphere. When the team is committed to the same goal, when all employees are empowered to do their jobs, and when you care about the people you work with, work becomes enjoyable. That is what we have at Torcon.

Phil Centineo, Jr., CHC

Project Executive

On the Job: The culture Torcon has developed is based on building relationships and ensuring client satisfaction. Our core principles include trust and collaboration, and they are shared among all stakeholders on our project teams. During my 38 year career with Torcon I have always been impressed with corporate leadership and the talent and dedication of our people. We surround ourselves with people who care and it makes a difference for our clients and our staff. I have been fortunate to have worked with clients who are focused on future generations and who make choices that are consistent with that objective!  We’re working to build a better future for everyone. What a proud legacy.

Off Site: I played and coached at the semi-pro baseball level into my late 30’s. Teddy Roosevelt and Lou Gehrig are my lifelong hero’s. I am most proud of my children who bring me joy every day. It is great to see them compete on the diamond and excel in the classroom!

Brad McMullan

Project Executive

On the Job: I was attracted to Torcon based on the company’s leadership in challenging markets such as healthcare, biopharmaceutical and higher education. Torcon continues to exceed my expectations, with a culture focused on ensuring our customers’ success, and is backed by leadership that is locally available, aware and appreciative of your dedication to the company.

Shawn Winters - Director of Information Technology at Torcon

Shawn Winters

Director of Information Technology

On the Job: I came to Torcon after working in manufacturing and retail technology for more than 20 years. Living in the Red Bank area my entire life I’ve passed the office more than a thousand times over the years and I finally decided to take the leap and join the team. The depth and complexity of construction technology and the opportunity to work with experts in this industry is what keeps every day interesting and rewarding at Torcon.

Off Site: I didn’t have a computer until I was 15 years old, and by the time I was 16 I was already working at a computer repair shop in Red Bank. By 17 I was doing consulting for area businesses. Start small and dream big. A hobby can turn into a career.

Samuel Perez, SMS, CHST

Site Safety Director

On the Job: It is a great pleasure to work for an organization that supports my individual growth. We are encouraged to take on leadership roles and use our talents. The support I have received from management and company executives has allowed me to make an impact on my work and run safe projects. As a Safety Professional with over 15 years of experience in construction, it is very liberating to you know you have the full support of your peers and are in complete alignment throughout the company.

Christopher McMillan

Senior Project Controls Manager

On the Job: When I get out of bed in the morning I don’t just go to work. Every day I help build amazing projects, relationships, and our community. It is very rewarding being part of a great team where collaboration and communication are encouraged. It’s rewarding to know what I work to build will make a difference in people’s lives.

Off Site: I love hiking, motorcycle rides and I’ve distilled and sold commercially, my own coffee-based rum.

Diane Manturi

Corporate Controller

On the Job: I started as a project accountant at Torcon in 1998 when I first moved to the area. Since then I have been involved with projects throughout New Jersey and Puerto Rico. Working with our CMIC based financial controls allowed me to transition into the office and to work with top management. I am grateful to Torcon for the opportunities I have been given and like working here because of the family atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and is treated with respect. Sharing our ideas and suggestions with management is always welcome. We’re allowed flexibility in how we get our job done, which helps create a great atmosphere and makes it enjoyable to come to work.

Kaitlyn Curtis

CMiC Coordinator

On the Job: I am proud to have worked for Torcon for the past 9 years. In that time I have not only grown as a person but professionally within the company as well. Torcon stands behind their people, provides opportunities, and encourages professional growth and personal development.


Ben Torcivia III

Energy Services Director

On the Job: Though I was fortunate enough to gain experience and learn some valuable lessons in the commodities business before coming to Torcon in 2013, I’d always looked forward to joining my family at the company my grandfather founded. Seeing the business evolve under my father and uncle’s leadership and now working with my brothers, my cousin and the rest of the talented and dedicated folks who make up the Torcon family has been the best experience. I’m excited for what the future has in store for the next generation of Torcon and beyond!

Joseph Torcivia, Jr.


On the Job: I can’t begin to explain how much pride I feel working at Torcon. You might think it’s due to the company’s origins, but in truth it’s because of the people I work with every day. Our team is the best in the industry. They are high performers. They are exceptional at what they do. Their dedication and ability to rise to every challenge is unparalleled and it is a constant source of inspiration for me. Our team is the reason Torcon is constantly chosen to build such complex and challenging projects that, frankly, have the ability to change the world.

Off Site: When I’m not chasing around two Golden Retrievers and two kids, I enjoy practicing my incredibly mediocre carpentry skills by attempting to tackle house projects that are way above my ability level.

Brian Torcivia

Senior Purchasing Manager

On the Job: The people who work for this company amaze me almost every day. Torcon has so many talented professionals with incredible experience and intellect. I love a hard-working, collaborative team atmosphere; it feels like you’re with family – that’s what we have at Torcon.