Sustainability is the Purpose at Do Good Foods

Torcon has worked on many significant construction projects with global impact over the years. From the control tower bringing planes in safely to Newark airport, to constructing one of the nation’s PCR test manufacturing facilities, to the Brookhaven Laboratory where life-changing Alzheimer neurodegeneration research is conducted, Torcon’s construction management projects are designed and created to touch and improve our daily lives.

And to address the climate crisis facing our planet, we’re excited to bring our experience to a revolutionary state-of-the-art facility for Do Good Foods, a mission-driven company committed to offering great tasting products that also have a tangible positive impact on our world. We’re helping to create a facility that upcycles nutritious surplus grocery food (after stores make community donations) into healthy animal feed. This keeps quality food from going to waste in a landfill, where it produces methane and accelerates climate change.

Each facility we build can process 60,000 tons of food annually, making a substantial, scalable impact to the global climate crisis. We are grateful to work with the passionate team at Do Good Foods on this earth-saving initiative. Together we can do better for the planet. Together, we can Do Good!

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