Anna Krizin Promoted to Engineering Manager

Torcon is pleased to announce the promotion of Anna Krizin to Engineering Manager. In this position, Anna will oversee the performance of our engineers and be responsible for their professional growth and development. Her experience as a project engineer and field manager will enable Anna to support Torcon’s engineers and refine our engineering controls to meet the needs of our clients. Her prime area of focus in this position is identifying areas for improvement to ensure Torcon continues to deliver top-quality services on every project.

Anna joined Torcon in 2017 after professional experience on projects throughout the mid-west and eastern states. She has participated in a range of healthcare and life science projects with Torcon, including a massive high-containment facility (BSL-4 labs) as superintendent and site safety manager. Additionally, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) recognized Anna Krizin, Torcon’s Superintendent and Site Safety Manager, for their Best Person for the Job series! Check out the full article here and some additional information here.

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