Arman Roy Foundation Sponsorship

The Arman Roy Foundation is a local New Jersey charity founded in 2019 to bring critical technology resources and skills to at-risk youth in our local New Jersey communities. Torcon has been an active supporter of the foundation, participating in their fundraising events since 2020 and an annual sponsor since 2022.

With our shared values of family and community, Torcon and the Arman Roy Foundation are making a meaningful impact in the lives of youth who may not have the resources or opportunity to pursue their dreams of a STEM education.

As stated by Manisha Roy, founder of the Arman Roy Foundation, “How Torcon has supported us since the beginning is remarkable and truly shows that you are willing to work differently to drive meaningful change in our communities.”

In September of each year, they be host their annual Run For Hope 5K. This is one of our favorite events of the year, and we hope to see many of you there! 

We invite you to visit the Arman Roy Foundation website to see more of their fundraising efforts and to discover all the great work they’re doing in our local communities. Check out upcoming events here.

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